Integrated Hand Unit

The Integrated Hand Unit (IHU) was established in 2012, providing a weekday hand surgery trauma service to complement the general Emergency Department at Royal North Shore Hospital. Patients with hand injuries who present to RNSH Emergency (and are deemed appropriate by the triage staff) are referred immediately to the IHU where a team of hand surgeons, fellows, registrars, nurses, hand therapists and plaster physiotherapists are available to undertake assessments, minor procedures and therapy requirements. Those patients requiring surgery are admitted within the IHU for further monitoring until they can be transferred to the operating theatre.

GPs may also access this service (Monday-Friday, 0700-1630) by directly contacting the on-call Hand Surgery Fellow/Registrar.

The IHU receives approximately 1600 patients a year with hand injuries, as well as admitting the 400+ patients presenting for elective hand surgery.