Clinics operate daily, staffed by the Hand Surgery Fellows and Registrars under the supervision of:

Dr Richard Lawson (Monday morning)

Dr Mark Hile (Tuesday morning)

Dr Claudia Gschwind / Dr James Ledgard (Wednesday morning)

Dr Anthony Beard (Thursday morning)

Dr David Stewart (Friday afternoon)

The Hand Surgery Clinic is located within Royal North Shore Hospital's Ambulatory Care Centre (Staff Station E), Level 3, Acute Services Building.

Patients wishing to see a hand surgeon require a referral from their GP or specialist. Upon receipt of the referral, the Ambulatory Care Centre will provide the patient with a clinic appointment. 

Patients presenting to the RNSH Emergency Department will be directed to the next available clinic, if required. 

Patients should bring a copy of the referral and any available x-rays/scans to their appointment. Hard copy x-rays are preferred to CDs and will significantly speed passage through the clinic.


For all appointment enquiries, please contact the Ambulatory Care Centre: (02) 9463 1400

In addition to the daily clinic, the Department provides monthly specialty clinics for:

Brachial Plexus Injuries (Dr Richard Lawson and Dr David Stewart)

Spasticity (Dr Claudia Gschwind and Dr James Ledgard)

Tetraplegia (Dr Claudia Gschwind and Dr James Ledgard)

 For specialty clinic appointments, please contact the department secretary: (02) 9463 1822